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About Us

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The Story

The Pencil Bible started as a simple idea during the Christmas Holidays in 2019. Frustrated by the kids taking his pencils, erasers, and notebooks for use during Bible study, Erin Walker wanted a simpler solution. He enjoyed the currently available Bible apps for the iPad, but they were very limited when it came to taking notes, journaling, or doodling.

So in early 2020 just before lockdown, a team of talented designers called Pepper Plane made the first design prototypes for what was then called the Bible for Creatives. The funds to build the first version of the app for Apple iPadOS were raised via an Indiegogo campaign which was successfully funded end of October 2020.

The project was later renamed Pencil Bible (to make everyone feel included - even though we all are creative 😁).

The journey to the current version of Pencil Bible was over 12 months long, using three different developers agencies to code the app (it took two failed attempts to find the right developer agency ⚒).

The Pencil Bible will finally launch to the public on the Apple App Store in November 2021.

Our Vision

Our vision for the company is to help people discover God's word in new and wonderful ways.

Core Problem

The core problem the Pencil Bible wants to solve for its users is the lack of mobility & simplicity for Bible - journalers, doodlers, students, and professionals.


The Pencil Bible App uses the iPad & Apple Pencil to bring creative journaling & art to your digital Bible.

Who's It For?

  1. People who like reading their digital Bible, but want more freedom to journal and doodle.
  2. Regular Bible journalers who like to journal, draw, and be creative with their Bibles, but want a mobile solution for their hobby.
  3. Professionals who want more from their digital Bible.


God is the ultimate creator and He made all of us in His image. Thus we were all born with the gift of creativeness in various forms and strengths. Since mobile technology is an everyday part of life and we read the Bible on these devices why not give worshippers of God the ability to write, doodle, and create next to scriptures in the Bible, but on their digital devices.

This has various advantages:

  • Helps you remember scriptures better
  • Gives you a fresh approach to the Bible.
  • Brings more depth and understanding into your Bible study time
  • Discover God's word in new and different ways
  • Enhances the Bible experience on a digital device like an iPad

With the Apple Pencil, Pencil Bible brings the closest thing to a physical writing tool to your iPad. Ultra-low latency, with tilt and pressure support, makes pens, pencils, and other drawing tools come alive.

We are always refining the app and adding new translations monthly. If you have any suggestions please send a message to: erin@pencilbible.com.

A special thanks to the Indiegogo backers (especially Christy Childers) who made this possible and believed in me and the idea.

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